Stowaway to Eternity

A starliner cruise perched on the edge of oblivion. A murder no one believes happened.

The Neutron’s Sonata black hole cruise to witness the supernova explosion of the Tartaros accretion disk promised a singular experience for all sentients aboard. When Chief Steward Abel Michaels discovers the corpse of a murdered alien, he expects the ship’s artificial intelligence to swiftly identify the killer.

Except the AI denies that the murder happened. When the body disappears before anyone else can see it, Abel’s sanity is brought into question. After all, everyone knows that an AI can’t be tampered with and can’t be wrong.

Now Abel must find evidence of the crime, identify the victim without the body, and discover the killer’s identity. All before the black hole’s accretion disk explodes—and they must rely on a faulty AI to jump the ship to safety.

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