RescueTime Productivity Killers

3 Productivity Killers Many Writers Face

I struggle with being productive, as I'm sure you do as well. I think most writers run into issues around productivity. I don't know about you, but I'm easily distractible. It could be anything from a TV show, to my son wanting to play, to a game, or a book that I want to read. Or even just checking email or social media. I even have the RescueTime app installed on my computer to help me with this issue. I've identified three common productivity mistakes I make—and I think that most writers probably deal with these as well.


My Biggest Productivity Killers

What is your biggest productivity killer? What sucks away the time you might have to lead a productive career?


It isn't always Minecraft. This month Minecraft has taken up a surprising amount of time. It's easy to spend time on one task after another in the game. Before you know it, time has gone flying by.

Minecraft Productivity Mistake

I'm not suggesting that you should give up entertainment, whether that is games, sports, television, movies, or social media. I think we all need to to relax and have fun. I have fun writing, but sometimes it's nice to just relax and explore some chasm or build up a village.

Productivity Mistakes Graphed

Analyzing Productivity Killers

I use RescueTime to track my time spent on my desktop and phone. I haven't set it up on my writing laptop because I use that offline. RescueTime reports on categories, websites, and applications that I use. It ranks activities from very productive to very distracting, and assigns a productivity to score to the results.

With a big list of books to get out, I appreciate seeing where I'm spending my time on the computer. What about time spent offline?

The app does have options to manually input offline time. I don't tend to use that feature. I want to track how I'm spending time on the computer because that's when I have a choice. Do I play a game, or work on a cover for the next book on my list? Do I create a new tee shirt design, or watch shows on Netflix?

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The Top 3 Productivity Killers

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