Dark Matters


On the planet Olinda, the Moreau Society seeks self-improvement through life-threatening genetic manipulation. Brock Marsden uses his alien-enhanced DNA to solve the toughest cases—like this one.

A Moreau Society Novel

(ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats included)

Brock Marsden isn’t quite human any longer.

Using technology from the Galactics, Brock incorporated DNA from other species into himself. It gained him longevity, better vision, and faster reflexes. All traits valuable when tracking down the worst killers on the planet.

A banker hires Brock to track down the being that murdered and mutilated his daughter.

Brock’s partner at their detective agency saddles Brock with an alien intern. With a complicated love life, a police chief who’d like to shut him out of the case, and a threat  from his distant past—Brock faces a case like none other.

It will take all of Brock’s alien-enhanced abilities to stop this killer—and maybe more than he imagines.

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