Ryan M. Williams

Dark Matters


On the planet Olinda, the Moreau Society seeks self-improvement through life-threatening genetic manipulation. Brock Marsden uses his alien-enhanced DNA to solve the toughest cases—like this one.

A Moreau Society Novel

(ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats included)

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On the planet Olinda, few vices are illegal.

That includes using technology from the Galactics—the ultra-intelligent species at the galaxy’s core—to incorporate the DNA of other species to gain powerful new abilities. Members of the Moreau Society seek self-improvement through life-threatening genetic manipulation.

A member of the Moreau Society, Brock Marsden enhanced his speed, agility, and visual acuity to become a better detective.

When a wealthy banker hires Brock to investigate the murder of the banker’s daughter, he throws himself into the deadly case. Brock deals with his new alien intern, his complicated love life, and a police chief who’d like to shut him out of the case, as he pursues the elusive killer.

It will take all of Brock’s Galactic-enhanced abilities to stop this killer—and maybe more than Brock imagines.

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