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42 Answers to the Question, “Why Blog?”

The Number 42

Few writers have made as much of an impression as Douglas Adams on my imagination. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy remains one of my favorite books.

“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

The number 42 has entered the popular imagination since the release of Douglas Adams' book. I don't know the ultimate question. I have asked myself on many occasion, “Why blog?” Most recently, while taking the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog course from Problogger. One of the first assignments is writing a post answering that question. It probably isn't the ultimate question, but I decided to use the number 42 to answer it anyway. Here are 42 answers I came up with to the question, in no particular order, as far as I know.

  • I get asked how I manage a full-time career as a librarian, and still find time to write.
  • I talk to writers and to readers who want to know more about publishing options today.
  • I enjoy blogging enough to keep doing it for many years, and to relaunch my blog this year.
  • rocket I like to talk to people about productivity, sharing techniques I use, and hearing what works for other people.
  • rocket I find discussing habits and process interesting.
  • rocket Asking questions, seeking answers, and sharing my thoughts helps me learn at the same time I help others.
  • rocket As a librarian, I get to help people, and I want to do that with my writing too.
  • rocket I learn so much from blogs that I follow, such as Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog, The Creative Penn, and others.
  • rocket  I enjoy learning new tools, such as ThriveThemes, to use in my blogging.
  • rocket A blog provides an opportunity for conversation with readers and other writers.
  • rocket The blog is like a time capsule that captures my thinking on different topics.
  • rocket It's easy to share blog posts.
  • rocket Blogging gives me a platform to share the amazing things that other people are doing.
  • rocket I get to learn cool things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • rocket Blogging pushes my librarian buttons.
  • rocket I enjoy writing non-fiction content as well as fiction, and the blog provides one outlet for that interest.
  • rocket I get to share my various interests, including coding and data visualizations.
  • rocket I'm using my blog to create an encyclopedia of my universes, Bibliogalactica (I'll share when I flesh out more content).
  • rocket I've created a store for my work on the blog, gaining more freedom, control, and ability to offer unique deals.
  • rocket I can help people get started writing.
  • rocket The blog provides a hub for sharing my work, including my email group Readinary
  • rocket I get to share how to get started with Amazon Ads.
  • rocket I can create a series of posts, e.g. creating a word count tracking spreadsheet in Excel.
  • rocket It provides a chance to share my current thinking on topics like selling direct to readers.
  • rocket A blog provides opportunities to earn income through affiliate links for products I use like RescueTime.
  • rocket I can create fun writing challenges, like how to write, finish, and submit a short story in a single day.
  • rocket It gives me a place to share methods I use for practice.
  • rocket Blogging about the challenges I face (such as depression) may help other people.
  • rocket I can create exercises, quizzes, and other material to help and entertain people.
  • rocket It gives me a place to share writing prompts.
  • rocket I don't have enough to do already (not true).
  • rocket I can promote other writers' work through my blog.
  • rocket Blogging is one of the cornerstones of my entrepreneurial plan.
  • rocket Content created on the blog can be used in other products, such as books, articles, or courses.
  • rocket It's easy to get started, and can keep me challenged for years to come.
  • rocket I enjoy sharing my work, despite being an introvert, and the blog gives me a way to do that.
  • rocket I've tried podcasting, and prefer blogging.
  • rocket It gives me a channel to talk about the importance of libraries.
  • rocket The blog is the best way for readers to connect with me.
  • rocket I don't think I could host my own TV show.
  • rocket My brain never shuts up.
  • rocket I hope that my blog will help my son understand me.

Go Beyond the Number 42

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