Like science fiction mysteries? Check out the MOREAU SOCIETY series. Private detective Brock Marsden investigates the toughest crimes, his alien-enhanced DNA giving him the edge he needs to save lives.
Dark Matters
The Gingerbread House
Past Lives
Past Dark (coming soon)
Synthetic Pain (writing)

Like science fiction with a dash of steampunk and enhanced sea creatures? The brothers Douglas and Brennan Dunne face an uncertain future with their Uncle Quigley’s monstrous creations in the
Cabin Boys (in publishing queue)
Sea Legs (in publishing queue)
Murky Waters (planned)

Discover more science fiction with these books:
Stowaway to Eternity
Time Retrievers(in publishing queue)
Europan Holiday

Enjoy adventure and fantasy? Join Dalton Hicks on a cross-country race across two worlds in the GOBLIN ALLEY series.
The Bloodied Fang (in publishing queue)
The Eleven Lords (in publishing queue)
Trow Forge (in publishing queue)
The King’s Runner (planned)

Do you like your fantasy dark and paranormal? Ravyn Washington isn’t like other students. Her grandmother was called a witch and if the Inquisition discovers Ravyn’s abilities she could burn in the
Waking Dead Things (in publishing queue)
Dreaming Dead Things (in publishing queue)
Killing Dead Things (in publishing queue)
Burning Dead Things (planned)

Not every high school student falls for the monster. Natalie is smarter than that in the PIERCE, WA series.
Dirty Old Vampires (in publishing queue)
Naughty Young Werewolves (planned)

Do you enjoy something a bit darker, like horror? Then check out these titles:
Downland (in publishing queue)
Full Moon Nights (in publishing queue)

Prefer something more cozy with your mystery? The POEVILLE series with feline detective C. Auguste Dupin and his human librarian Penny Copper might be just the thing.
The Murders in the Reed Moore Library
The Task of Auntie Dido

And if you like romance and comedy, the books by KATE N. RYAN will tickle your funny bone—and more.
Watching You Sleep
Waiting For Cake (in publishing queue)

More books coming soon.