#MakeoverMonday Week 49

This week #MakeoverMonday looks at an article in the Guardian “How much does union membership benefit America's workers?” by Mona Chalabi. The answer? Quite a bit. Union membership or representation increases the average pay of workers. Pay inequality is still an issue, however, based on sex and race. Chalabi created illustrated graphs that show these relationships.

 Illustration: Mona Chalabi

My take on the data

I like the graphs, though the stretched arms also have a creepy sort of factor to them. The graph doesn't lend itself to any specifics and it doesn't give a detailed look at the yearly changes. It makes the point that wages are increasing but non-union wages remain lower.

I toyed around with a few different approaches. I looked at line graphs showing differences between member / non-member wages, details by sex and race. I ended up going with a bar graph to illustrate the differences and show the details. Using dashboard actions, I created a hover/highlight action to make it easy to compare specifics across the different categories.

Hovering over a year highlights the same year in the other categories to allow easy comparison. I picked muted colors from the colorblind group in Tableau. My main focus with this was to keep it fairly simple and clean. I'm going to submit it for the viz review. I'll update the post later with the response.

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