Watching You Sleep

Abby, insomniac, and owner of a successful comic book store meets Jasper, a narcoleptic science fiction author. Can it possibly work?

After Abby's last relationship ended, she focused on her business and herself. She runs a successful business, has a fantastic studio apartment above her store, and lives in a picturesque seaside town. Life is perfect unless you count insomnia and dealing with the fact that dating options in this town were limited. So a few little bumps, but nothing she can’t handle.

Abby’s life turns upside down when she discovers Jasper Lee, a science fiction author, asleep in the superhero aisle. Suffering from the rare disorder narcolepsy, Jasper falls asleep unexpectedly and large surges of emotion can trigger a cataplectic attack — causing the loss of muscle tone and collapse. Yet there is something there that draws her attention.

Can she risk loving someone who might collapse from a kiss?

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will love this funny and charming romance.

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Kate N. Ryan

Kate and Ryan have enjoyed 30 years together—since meeting their first year at college. Kate teaches their son and is an extremely talented felt artist. Ryan is a full-time career librarian and a multi-genre writer with over twenty books. He writes across a range of genres including science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, horror, and romance. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies from Pocket Books, WMG Publish, and in On Spec Magazine.