Join the Launch Crew

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It’s your chance to join my Patreon project at the very beginning. By joining the Launch Crew now (or at any time before the end of October), you not only get each new story and novel I release–you get them a week early. You’ll also get a copy of the October Stories collection when it gets released. And your name listed in the Launch Crew roster. The Launch Crew closes after October 2019.

What Happens During the Launch?

This October I’m challenging myself to create a new ink drawing each day as part of Inktober. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? So I’m also challenging myself to write a short story to go with each picture (aiming to be around 1,000 words).

That’s a lot! It’s a daunting challenge.

Each day after I create my drawing and the story, I’ll post them to my Patreon page as public posts. Anyone can see these posts and read the stories. I’ll also share the drawings on my Instagram account if you want to follow along there.

Then I’ll also share a Patreon post talking about how the day went. If I miss the challenge for some reason, I post why it happened. (Keep in mind, I’m still working as a full-time librarian.)

Finally, at the end of it all, I’ll pull everything together into a collection titled October Stories that will go out to all Launch Crew members (with your names in the acknowledgements section). Anyone else wanting a copy of October Stories can purchase it in e-book or print editions.

Note, if you pledge at a higher tier during the launch you’ll also get the collection. That includes Dead Things Patrons who will get the print edition. Basically, anyone supporting my launch at the Launch Crew level or higher is part of the Launch Crew.

Failure States

Taking on this challenge, I worry about failure. The first and easiest failure state is simple. I don’t do it. Also, embarrassing. It’s a typical way to fail. It’s easy when tired and faced with something challenging to give up. I’m not saying it’s a failure if I miss a day. I can’t be 100% sure that it won’t happen. Giving up is the failure. If I said, “Hell with it.” That’s an obvious way to fail at the challenge.

The next is more complicated. Failing other people. I’m asking you to support my creative work, my efforts to share stories and transition from one career to another, with your patronage. I’m offering what I hope are entertaining stories, novels, and some artwork. There is always that fear, that critical voice, saying, “You’re not good enough.”

I know I can’t make everyone happy with every piece that I share. Some won’t be to your taste. I can only write or draw to the best of my abilities. If I don’t, then I fail. I fail you if I don’t do my best. You decide whether or not what I create is worth supporting. I’m very grateful if you do.

I have lost count of the number of stories and novels I’ve written since I started writing. Over the past decade I’ve produced more than a hundred stories and more than twenty novels. I’ve published stories in Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, On Spec Magazine, Fiction River, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. So I’ve had editors buy my stories. That’s one indicator that gives me hope. I’ve also sold stories directly to readers through Amazon, Kobo, and other online stores. People have said they like my work. It also gives me hope.

Like I said, I can’t (it would be foolish) to think that every story will work or satisfy all readers. That’s not how it works. All I can say is that I’ll do my best and always keep learning and trying to improve.


After the launch I plan to start releasing stories each month. I have a lot of stories already, well over a hundred, so I’ll begin releasing those. Sometimes I’ll post newer stories but right now, outside of the October Stories, I’m also sending stories to magazines like Asimov’s and Analog for consideration in those and other markets. It’s been a dream of mine to break into those markets. Even with the stories I’ve already written, I need to go over them again, format them, create the e-book editions, and get them up on Patreon. I’ll also publish them on my shop and other markets. If we get to my first goal, we’ll unlock exclusive stories and I’ll have at one story to share each month that is exclusive to Patreon. It’ll only be available to patrons. A couple goals after that I’ll bump it up to two exclusive stories.

I’m not planning on releasing stories every day after the launch! Probably 1-3 each month, I’d guess. At least one. Others depend on time available (and, again, Launch Crew patrons get stories a week early).

As I release new editions of novels, patrons at the Moreau Societytier or above will get those books. I’m not posting the entire text to Patreon. I’ll post the cover, description, and link for patrons to get the e-book.

As I work on new stories, I’ll share drafts and other materials with Reed Moore Library patrons. That could be behind-the-scenes posts, notes, etc.

If you haven’t realized already, this means I’m posting a lot of material to Patreon after the launch.

On top of that, I’ll be mailing signed print copies of books to Dead Things patrons, starting with October Stories for anyone at that tier (or higher) when it’s released. I’m planning to work on it as I go through the month, so I’d hope I can get it out quickly after the launch.

Finally, if anyone wants to join me for live work sessions, I’ll schedule those for any Apocalypse patrons. I’m keeping those final two tiers to a manageable level.

Questions about how Patreon works

When do I get billed? I’m not adding any paid posts during launch (through October). So if you pledge and cancel before the end of the month, you won’t get charged.

The first paid post will be October Stories, only for those in the Launch Crew tier or higher. I plan to post that in November, which means that the first billing would be the 1st of December. Patreon bills for each paid post up to your monthly max (you can set that). Pending bills get charged on the first of the following month, or immediately if you end your membership.

So if you pledged as a Patron ($1 per story), you wouldn’t see a paid post until I share a story in November. Then you’d get billed on December 1st.

Can I change my pledge? Of course. You can upgrade or downgrade your pledge or cancel. Note, if you join as a Launch Crewpatron and cancel, the tier won’t be available after launch.

Where else can I get information? Patreon’s extensive support section is great for finding answers.

Join Now

I hope you’ll join me as I begin this transition from full-time librarian to full-time writer. I don’t know how long it’ll take. I don’t know what obstacles and challenges I’ll face on the way. With your support, I think I’ll make it.