Dictation Redux

One of the pleasures of being a librarian is sharing resources with people. When it comes to making recommendations on books, we tend to talk about “readers advisory.” I think there is also a place for “writers advisory” in libraries—librarians have a long history of working with writers and I think it is a relationship that we should cultivate. For this post, I want to suggest resources for writers thinking about dictation. If you haven't considered dictating your work, take a look at these resources to see how many writers today take advantage of speech-to-text technology to write.

My Experience With Dictation

I've used dictation to write short stories and one complete novel (which I plan to release this year). It hasn't become my default method for writing. I appreciate the advantages of dictating away from the computer, then using software to transcribe the recording.

So why have I fallen off the dictation track? Habit. My habit is sitting with a computer and writing by typing. It's easy to lapse back into those habits.

The Creative Penn Podcast: Christopher Downing on Dictation

This week I listened to Christopher Downing's interview on the Creative Penn Podcast. The interview helped convince me to give dictation another shot. I'm taking a look at Downing's books right now to see how I might use his methods to take advantage of dictation again.

Rather than go over all the points, I recommend checking out the show notes, the podcast, Downing's books, or watch the video.

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