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How to Move Your Book From Createspace to KDP Print

Discover what's involved in migrating a paperback novel from Createspace to Kindle Direct Publishing Print (KDP Print) in this quick guide. I'm going to walk you through exactly what it takes to move your paperback from Createspace to KDP Print.

Start With KDP

When you decide to migrate your paperback book from Createspace to KDP, start by logging into your KDP bookshelf. Scroll to the book that you want to migrate. (Note, steps differ a bit if you're setting up a print copy of an e-book that doesn't already exist on Createspace.)

You will need your 13-digit ISBN used on Createspace. If you don't have it, look it up and make a note of the number.

KDP bookshelf

Click Create Paperback

Click that link that says “+ Create paperback.” If you want to learn more about reasons to offer print, you can click the link that says “Why offer multiple formats?” Since you already have the book on Createspace, you're probably already familiar with the benefits.

Sign in again if prompted.

Complete Paperback Details

Many of the details will have been added automatically. You'll need to review each section. I recommend taking time to review your categories and keywords. At the very bottom is a section asking if the book has been published on Createspace.

Click ‘Yes' and then the “Save and Continue” button. (Note, you can always click the “Save as Draft” button and come back to your work in progress.)

Previously published on Createspace

Complete Your Paperback Content

Enter the 13-digit ISBN used on Createspace. It doesn't matter if this is a Createspace-assigned ISBN or one you own, just that it is the one you used on Createspace. Do not include the hyphen when entering it.

This is a one-way process!

Read the information if you're unclear, but basically migrating the paperback to KDP Print disables it on Createspace.

After entering the ISBN, click the “Continue” button.

ISBN field

Preview Your Paperback

After the data loads from Createspace, KDP Print sets the trim size and other details automatically. You can't change these fields! It will also pull over your cover and interior files. At the bottom launch the previewer to check your book and approve it.

Waking Dead Things Proof

Paperback Rights and Pricing

After approving the proof you'll see a new section with a summary of your book including printing costs. Click the “Save and Continue” to move on to the next step of pricing and territories.

Here you can set the price for your paperback book with expected royalties. KDP print pays 60% royalties. You'll see the printing cost, the minimum price, and the expected royalty.


You have the option to adjust pricing in other marketplaces or go with the default based on your primary marketplace price.

The final sections show terms & conditions and provide an option to purchase proof copies through your Amazon cart. When you're all set, click the “Publish Your Paperback Book” button.


Final Review

Your book will show in review for up to 72 hours and then it will be available for purchase. With KDP print your sales will show in your KDP reports and payments are consolidated.

For me, for Amazon sales, this is one of the chief advantages of offering a paperback edition via KDP. As I work through this year, I'll phase out using Createspace and go with IngramSpark for extended distribution and hardcover editions of my books.

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