Big Time Bundle

Big Time Bundle

Remember the excitement of starting a new year, a decade ago when 2020 began?

Reading gives us all a gateway to a different reality. Maybe it's a scary reality. Or an alternate reality. And couldn't we all use an alternate reality about now?

Librarians love recommending books. Book talks are in our DNA. Our go-to question whether we're with a close friend, at a dinner party, on a first date, or with anyone of any age at any time, is “what are you reading?” Our second is, “have you read…?”

Have you read books by Kristine Kathryn Rusch? Robert J. Sawyer? Lisa Silverthorne? What about DeAnna Knippling, or Dean Wesley Smith?

Check out the Big Time bundle from StoryBundle before the offer ends. It includes all of those—and more—amazing authors. I've also got a book in the bundle. Ten excellent books to escape into for the last few months of the year.

Support the Big Time Bundle



Visit the Big Time Bundle page and check out the books by these fantastic writers.



Decide what you pay for the bundle, how much goes to the writers and Storybundle.



Buy the bundle and enjoy the escape into different worlds, times, and realities.

For so many of us this year, it's hard to escape the awful reality. We've seen homes destroyed by fires, people displaced, everything lost. With this bundle you also have the opportunity to support the Oregon Food Bank to help people on the ground in need in a specific location. I spent days breathing the smoke from the fires, but that's nothing compared to what people have been through who were directly impacted. You can help those people.

All e-books are DRM-free. Put them on your favorite reading device. Settle back with a favorite beverage and enjoy a timeless escape.

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