5 Reason Your Novel Doesn’t Matter—And Why That Is a Good Thing!

Fear is a serial killer. Creativity, productivity, confidence—fear kills them all. And writers often fear many things. Rejection tops many lists in its various guises. We might rework a story or novel because on a deep level we feel it is not good enough. We develop rituals to handle the fear even if we fail to recognize that the real problem is that we are afraid.

Realizing that your novel (or story) doesn't matter will set you free to create without limits!

5. Your Novel Is One In a Million (Literally)

Each year human beings publish more books than we can count. Year after year. It has been going on for a very long time. The average American reads 12 books in a year. No matter how many books you write it will never be more than a drop in a very big bucket. That's great! One more reason not to stress about your book. Move on to the next.

4. You Novel Is A Game With No Takebacks

You can't take back a Superbowl. Your team played the best they could in that particular game. They don't get to go back and say, “Wait! We want to redo that play. If we—.” Nope. Game over. They can use what they learned playing that game to try and do better in the next game, but that game is done. The same thing is true with your novel. It's done. Move on and write the next book. Keep repeating that and learning.

3. Your Novel Is Only As Good As What It Taught You

Whether your novel makes you a million dollars or ten dollars (or puts you in the hole)—it doesn't matter. Really. Yes, it matters whether or not you can pay the bills. Which is better?

  • Writing and rewriting a book over and over because you feel your financial future hangs on it?
  • Writing several books in the same time period and learning from each?

If you have several books out your chances of paying the bills increases. There's no guarantee but you can't be sure obsessing over making one book perfect is going to result in increased earnings either. Judge the success of your book by what it teaches you, not by how much money it earns (and you need to take the long view on that too).

2.  Your Novel Is Not Your Story

Your novel doesn't matter because it is only a communication tool. It isn't the story. Think about it. Your writing is a process of encoding marks on the page to tell a story. Do a good job and the reader gets the story you wanted to tell. They experience what you tell them to experience. If you screw it up it's like picking up a call with a bad connection. The reader can't hear you, hangs up, and goes on with their day. So the call didn't go through, so what? Try to make the call again. Or call someone else. If you write a manuscript that doesn't work—pitch it! It doesn't matter. Write it again.

1. You Novel Doesn't Determine Your Future

You wrote a book. Great. Good on you. Now write another. And another. Have fun with it! I often hear people say that you need to treat writing as a job. Okay, I get that, but it doesn't sound fun. Think back to games you played as a kid, at the stories that you made up while you played. Play when you write your novel. Sure, you'll learn from it. Kids learn as they play. Play and learning are inextricably linked. Go play! Have fun. Don't take it so seriously. Then do it again!

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