Week 1 Update: Write Like It is 2020

Introduction, quick summary of the week. Big win: continued writing streak.

Writing Successes

Last week spanned the last few days of 2019 and first days of 2020. Here's what I managed to pull off:

  • Sunday. I added 481 words to Synthetic Pain. 
  • Monday. I wrote 279 words for Synthetic Pain right before going to bed in order to keep the streak going. Watched several episodes (up through #7) of The Mandalorian. Love the show.
  • Tuesday. Last day of 2019. I wasn't sure I'd keep the streak going. I left home at 7 AM and got home 11 hours later after driving 263 miles and visiting three libraries. I didn't have a chance for a break, much less time to write. We finished watching The Mandalorian, then I went to sleep until 9 PM or so, and wrote 343 words on Synthetic Pain. The streak lives! Finished the year with 201,459 words (total, not just fiction).
  • Wednesday. New Year's Day2020, the libraries are closed and I got to sleep in. I rested much of the day, playing Minecraft, and watching The Martian: Extended Edition. It was the afternoon before I sat down to meditate and then write. I spent time writing in my journal and reviewing timelines for Patreon updates. Later I added 653 words to Synthetic Pain.
  • Thursday. I started my day at 4:30 a.m., getting up and ready to write by 4:45 a.m. in my hammock chair with my Freewrite. I added 375 words to Synthetic Pain before I stopped to write in my journal and have breakfast. I added more words during breaks at work to reach a total of 916 words on Synthetic Pain.
  • Friday. My day didn't start early today. I didn't get up until 7 a.m. and didn't write until my lunch break. After dinner I felt sick and distracted myself with another writing session that managed to get my word count on Synthetic Pain up to 468 words for the day.
  • Saturday. I visited one of our libraries today. It's nice to get out into the libraries, talk with staff and people coming into the library. I didn't get a chance to write until the evening and only added 251 words to Synthetic Pain. It's another page, that's something. I could have gotten more done but chose instead to watch Long Shot with my wife. Although then I did stay up a bit longer and added another 1,286 words, bringing the total to 1,537 words, and hitting my target daily word count for the first time this year.

Final summary of successes.

OKR Confidence Ratings

Summary of feelings

Write fantastic novels

Key Results

  • Write 1,500 words (minimum) per day.
  • 40,000 words (minimum) each month on the current novel.
  • Complete 6 novels in 2020.

Even though I haven't hit my minimum word counts each day, I'm still fairly confident that I can reach it. As my streak increases and I am more consistent, my confidence in the second two results will increase.

Write Amazing Short STories

Key Results

  • Write 500 words (minimum) per day.
  • Complete a finished short story bi-weekly (26 stories).
  • Submit or publish each finished story within one week.

I'm putting this at a 50/50 confidence right now. I tweaked the key results for a new story every other week because I want to study published stories in the alternating weeks.

Achieve success with my novels

Key Results

  • 12 novels released on my store and retail stores.
  • Average 10 sales per day, per title.
  • Match my income from my full-time librarian job.

Releasing the novels is one thing—they're written. It's mostly taking the time to get them out, but given my track record I think 50/50 is fair at the start. I have less confidence in the other two results without a lot changing. That's fine! I'm going for it.

Build a Community of Engaged Readers

Key Results

  • Readinary newsletter subscribers increase by 25%.
  • Broadcast open rate averages 60%.
  • Click rate averages 10%.
  • Reach 250 Patreon subscribers.

I'm more confident about getting newsletter subscribers than patrons right now. My open and click rates have been near those levels, which makes me fairly confident I can average that with work.

This Week's Priorities

Summary of this week

  • Priority 1
  • Priority 2
  • Priority 3

Final comments

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