Week 0 Update: Welcome to the New Year



Share things to celebrate each day. Ideas: Monday, wrote 1,000 words, kept streak going. Saw Rise of Skywalker (embed trailer). Tuesday, wrote 311 words, mostly family focus. Released The Murders in the Reed Moore Library on [thrive_global_fields id='15' inline='1′]—support for as little as $1 to get new stories each month. (create reusable sidebar about Patreon). Wednesday, wrote 352 words, just enough to cover at least a page per day, family holiday celebrations took up most of the day. Thursday, last day off, wrote 465 words, errands, time spent with family. Friday, wrote ?? words, back to work. Saturday, wrote ?? words, back to work.

OKR Confidence Ratings

Initial comments

Write fantastic novels

Key Results

  • Write 1,500 words (minimum) per day.
  • 40,000 words (minimum) each month on the current novel.
  • Complete 6 novels in 2020.

Even though I haven't hit my minimum word counts each day, I'm still fairly confident that I can reach it. As my streak increases and I am more consistent, my confidence in the second two results will increase.

Write Amazing Short STories

Key Results

  • Write 500 words (minimum) per day.
  • Complete a finished short story bi-weekly (26 stories).
  • Submit or publish each finished story within one week.

I'm putting this at a 50/50 confidence right now. I tweaked the key results for a new story every other week because I want to study published stories in the alternating weeks.

Achieve success with my novels

Key Results

  • 12 novels released on my store and retail stores.
  • Average 10 sales per day, per title.
  • Match my income from my full-time librarian job.

Releasing the novels is one thing—they're written. It's mostly taking the time to get them out, but given my track record I think 50/50 is fair at the start. I have less confidence in the other two results without a lot changing. That's fine! I'm going for it.

Build a Community of Engaged Readers

Key Results

  • Readinary newsletter subscribers increase by 25%.
  • Broadcast open rate averages 60%.
  • Click rate averages 10%.
  • Reach 250 Patreon subscribers.

I'm more confident about getting newsletter subscribers than patrons right now. My open and click rates have been near those levels, which makes me fairly confident I can average that with work.

This Week's Priorities

Talk about this week's priorities, key elements

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